Interview with Paige Dansinger

We all love the colourful artpieces of Paige Dansinger alias Museumpaige, which are displayed on Instagram on her accounts @museumpaige and @MuseumDraw and give us a new perspective on art history. In context of the #PaintMuseum project, which is a warm-up for the International Museum Day on 22nd of May (Germany) and revolves around digital drawing in museums, we asked her 5 questions, which she answed by some lovely drawings and an artistic animated Doodle:

When and why did you start drawing with an app on a digital device?


link about how I started.

Why did you choose art and the museum context as the main object of your paintings?


What's your personal connection to museums?


Which museum do you visit most and why?


What is your favorite drawing app?


Paige is working with the free "Doodles! Express" App and "Gifoodles" for animating Doodles (Gifs) both for iOS: iPhone/iPad.
More information about Paige using these Apps:

Thank you very much Paige!

Sybille Greisinger